As the sun rises and the fog lifts, the fish are hungry. Every angler knows this. And, in those first moments of dawn, when circles on the water say hello and the world awakens -- there is a renewal that touches the soul. A new day.

As much as we love the adrenaline of having something on the line and putting everything we’ve got to pull that beauty in -- we love how these still mornings bring a much needed peace.

Fishing masters enjoy all that is fishing.

That is exactly who we are and what you can expect to find on thefishingmaster.com.

Are you a novice and just starting out? Excited about getting that first rod and reel, eh? Maybe you’re an expert and looking for reviews on that newest lure that claims it is guaranteed to bring in the largest fish you’ve ever caught. Regardless of your fishing experience, we promise to provide you with the resources you need to up your fishing game.

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks and anecdotal stories or product reviews on the latest and greatest gadgetry on the market, we hope to have you hook, line, and sinker.

There are no exaggerated fish stories here -- just exceptional information that gets down to the nitty gritty of this memory making hobby.

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Catherine Bosquet

Catherine Bosquet
Chief Editor

Hi, I’m Catherine and fishing is in my blood. I grew up spending countless hours in the summer, and winter, on the water of Lake Superior. With over four decades of life under my belt, and nearly the same amount of time under a fishing hat, my vision is to share as much information about this sport as possible so it may be enjoyed by future generations. 

I am extremely fortunate to have been blessed with three sons who all love fishing as well. Some of our most treasured family memories come from those moments on the shore, and sometimes on the water, waiting for the “big one” to bite.

Generation after generation -- passing down an age-old tradition.

Email: catherine@thefishingmaster.com
Dustin Oliver

Dustin Oliver
Junior Editor

I’m Dustin but everyone around here calls me “Bookie.” I have that nickname because I graduated with my degree in Fish & Wildlife Management. The great outdoors has always been my passion, but there is just something special about what lurks beneath the waters.

My “book smarts” provide me with a more scientific viewpoint about fishing and water management. Whether we are talking about stocked ponds or great lake fishing, there is a lot going on under the surface!

Email: dustin@thefishingmaster.com
Ronald Ahlers

Ronald Ahlers
Expert Angler

My name is Ronald and I consider myself a fish wrangler.  I’ve been fishing for most of my life. My wife says it isn’t just a hobby, it’s an obsession. She just might be right!

I’m a tips and tricks kind of guy. Hey, there are all kinds of innovative products hitting the market, but sometimes you just need some of those tried and true fishing techniques.

Email: ronald@thefishingmaster.com